Excellent Word Bible Theologial Seminary

There is No other God “to whom we can call upon”  His Name is JESUS


 Is a scriptural aspostolic teaching mandate purpose by God to educate, elevate and to set in order His body in the earth through the local church and Christian training Center; as it relate to the spiritrual authority, the apostle government, and the Holy anointing that comes with such authority in the earthly realm;

It is this Seminary’s objective to futher introduce the perfect plan that God has given to the founding authorities; that we should and would make fishermaen of men, by given them proper tools to execute righteousness and set a scriptural apotolic standard in their personal, private and professional lives.
It is necessary for each stufentto know who, what, when, where, why and how the ways of GOD’S Perfect Plan for Him to rule while we are in the earth.
It is in the apostloic realm of God’s plan: that a standaard must be set, [be ye Holy: Leviticus 20:7-9] it is not term the “apostolic” that makes it powerful, it is the  anointing that makesgovernment powerful in GOD.

Meet out President and Dean  Apostle, Dr. Samuel Jones,PHD,

Meet our Chancellor, Pastor, Dr. Carolyn C Jones, PHD,

We are not a denominational seminary teaching the basic of religion; we,  are an anointed mandate  seminary teaching the primaries scripture that was written by the Holy SPirit of God theough chosen anointed mens. Men of holy living through  divine relationship with the Holy Spirit to leadership.

Training and preparing leaders, servants and laypeople alike to walk in the anointing wherein they are called : to advocate righteous as our banner in the manifold blessing of God, to enrich minds, empower souls to conquer, and triumph over sin in every area of their  lives


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Excellent Word Bible Theological Seminary is a Bible based institution of higher learning. We are called to equip Christian leaders in academic excellence, moral integrity, spiritual intensity and physical purity. ur goad and Objective is to model the character of Christ in all we do and to serve Christ professionally in the advancement of His Kingdom.

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